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I'm a long time Linux user, well eight to nine years worth and during that time I have been a major distro-hopper. I've tried distros as varied as Ubuntu, CentOS, openSUSE, Debian, Slackware, Fedora and even FreeBSD as well as many, many more but I've never really found that felt right until now. LMDE (XFCE) ticks most of my boxes and even after a few months feels like home. I have the attention span of a hyperactive mayfly so it will be interesting to see how long the feeling lasts

Despite my years of using Linux, I do not consider myself an expert or guru; in general things have gone way to smoothly to aid the learning curve. I can usually fix any issues when the computer is in front of me, even if I have to spend quite a bit of time swearing while looking through Google! It's much harder diagnosing problems remotely when on a forum -_-

I call myself trollboy as one of my hobbies is making complaints about something silly in an advert; for example complaining to Alpen that their ladies doing aerobics ( advert wasn't long enough! well, it keeps me off street corners and customer service departments busy. And just occasionally, I get a gem of a reply.

Outside of computers, I like quite a range of music, cats and have a large collection of cacti.

---  UPDATE  ---

I've been away from Mint for a while as the ADHD kicked in and I have installed and tried many different distributions while I have been gone including Fedora, Scientific, Ubuntu 11.10, openSUSE, #! and Salix. They all have things I like but I'm back so read in to that what you will ^-^


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Powershot A470
Canon Camera, Works perfectly on Debian
Pavilion P6675 i5 650
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Desktop computer, Works perfectly on Debian
Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
Microsoft Keyboard, Works fine with some minor problems on Debian
eMachines Laptop or Netbook, Works perfectly on Debian
Satellite Pro A120
Toshiba Laptop or Netbook, Works perfectly on Debian
Series 3 300E5A
Samsung Laptop or Netbook, Works perfectly on Lisa
MX Revolution cordless
Logitech Mouse, Works perfectly on Debian
JF V33 / 4GB
Transcend Other, Works perfectly on Debian
Ultra backup 32GB USB Key
Sandisk Other, Works fine with some minor problems on Debian
Wacom Pen/Drawing tablet, Works perfectly on Debian
Photosmart C8180
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Printer/Scanner/Multifunction, Works perfectly on Debian
Super Multi
LG usb external dvd burner, Works perfectly on Debian
Netgear USB Wireless adapter, Works perfectly on Debian
Favorite software:
"Excellent firewall GUI"
"Superb and in slo-mo mode you can actually win :D"
"The interface takes a bit of getting used to but this is an awesome application"
"This is a great tool. Doesn't seem to be able to create a patch though."
"Tried many other image managers and always end back with gthumb. It works beautifully under XFCE also."
"I love this. You can get osme of the nicest Window decorations on any platform and if you have the time and skill, you can build your own theme."
"Changed my score from 3 to 5 as I really like this. Now I have three choices for command line editing. vim, nano and joe"
"A must have if you want to compile software with as few headaches as possible. This does not include headaches caused by writing software...."
"Awesome compiler."
"It's amazing what gems you find when browsing round this community. Code::Blocks is one of them. As a beginner to c, I need an IDE that helps me but doesn't do all the work for me. I've found it."
"Raises revenue but I suspect there is limited scope for styling. If you hate this addon so much why not make a small monthly donation instead of using it?"
"Still the best browser. A bit of a memory hog though, particularly with certain extensions installed. The wonderful No Script seems to be one of the main culprits."
"This was always my number 2 after Gnome; but since Gnome 3 / Shell, it's my number 1! Slap on Compiz, Emerald and Mint Menu and it's as slick as Gnome ever was"
"A great time waster"
"I used to use Evolution but then I gave this a try. It's very fast but lacks some of the features such as the calendar. The lightning extension isn't compatible with Thunderbird 3 which is a shame. Thunderbird is awesome but I wish there was a 4.5 for the lack of lightning!"
"Doesn't have the playlist annoyances of Rhythmbox. Isn't mono encumbered like Banshee. Works better than Exaile."
"I'm not normally a fan of these "extended" menus, but this one is slick and simple. It is definitely a selling point for Mint."
"This makes partitions very easy indeed. If it has one drawback it would be that it is so intuitive that it can make you think you don't need a backup before going ahead!"
"Excellent. Like Tomby but no Mono. It's lighter and faster. This should be the default rather than Tomboy"
"This is so easy to use that there is no excuse for not taking backups. It doesn't compress the backups but I like that as I can navigate the directory structure if I wish. It uses hard links to present a full directory structure in every backup while only actually copying any changed files. Take a backup every hour. You're worth it!"
"If you loved Elite, this is for you. Trade, bounty hunt, salvage or pirate your way to the rank of Elite in this open ended game in which the word "Harmless" is the greatest insult! But, please devs can we have the latest version in the repositories as it has come on a long long way?"
"Fun multi-player game. Almost as much fun single player!"