Wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window manager
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IceWm is a Window Manager for X Window System. It is fast and memory-efficient, and it provides many different looks including Windows'95, OS/2 Warp 3,4, Motif. It tries to take the best features of the above systems. Additional features include multiple workspaces, opaque move/resize, task bar, window list, mailbox status, digital clock.
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mikeybaby72 9 years ago

My favourite WM! Simple is best.

Herpy 9 years ago

I like it, it's fast and effecient, not my fave but worth a look!

mintlinux 10 years ago

Text is way too small, menu crashes too.

blueXrider 10 years ago

don't care for it

Xyie 11 years ago

Light and quick for a desktop/window manager, but be sure you're not afraid of tinkering with config files to customize it your way. Easy enough to figure out for an intermediate user. Adventurous beginners only.

elscripto 11 years ago

One of the best window managers around - simple, blazing fast and easily configurable by text files. If you need to fit your GUI within 40 MB of used memory, then IceWm is the best choice directly on top of the X server. In combination with pure LXDE you may fit within 100 MB of used memory. However medium to advanced linux experience is needed to set it up and running properly.

Roin 11 years ago

Fast and simple Windows Manager, I just love it!