A simple GOG client for Linux
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Minigalaxy lets you download, install and play your GOG Linux games without getting in your way.

Besides all that, it offers the following additional features:

  • Select in which language you'd prefer to download your games
  • Change where games are installed
  • Search your GOG Linux library
  • Show all games or just the ones you've installed
  • View the error message if a game fails to launch
  • Enable displaying the FPS in games

An account on is required to use this application.

Latest reviews
Scysograph 2 years ago

It's pretty neat but recommend downloading the latest version instead.

alXMint 2 years ago

You "only" have a library of compatible games to play on your Linux system - no addictional contents, no services. It is not like the Windows counterpart, but for some people, this is a plus. It uses Wine; for games that works through DOSBOX (almost any GOG game), since it is available on Linux, this looks like a lazy workaround. To launch a game, you have to launch the platform before, and it is quite slow and heavy. But after all, you can play classics like Baldur's Gate or Diablo on your Linux system, this is exciting.