Secure and distributed voice, video and chat platform - desktop client
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Jami (jami.net) is a secure and distributed voice, video and chat communication platform that requires no centralized server and leaves the power of privacy in the hands of the user.

This package contains the desktop client: gnome-ring.
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FinixFighter 10 months ago

Amazing open source video conferencing software!! It works better than most famous proprietary software.

djbuttonz 11 months ago

I gave 4 stars cause after you get it to work it works well. Linux Mint 19.3 For some reason, installing from the Software Manager did not work. ... tried multiple times to install, uninstall... headache. fingers crossed. Plz, no held broken packages.... Downloading from the Jami site worked, but only after also installing the update found in the Update Manager shortly after install. Ignore warnings that it is not the latest version, etc. Pulse Audio defaults are working for my aging laptop. Make sure your microphone is on in your Sound Settings! Mine were muted as default after Mint 19.3 install (right click the sound icon, yada yada). Now that it's set up, I don't use any other communication app on this machine. Love it!