Simple and easy to use audio multi-tracker
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Jokosher is a simple and powerful multi-track studio. jokosher provides a complete application for recording, editing, mixing and exporting audio, and has been specifically designed with usability in mind. the developers behind jokosher have re-thought audio production at every level, and created something devilishly simple to use.

jokosher offers a strong feature set:
* easy to use interface, designed from the ground up. jokosher uses concepts
and language familiar to musicians, and is a breeze to use.
* simple editing with splitting, trimming and moving tools.
* multi-track volume mixing with vu sliders.
* import audio (ogg vorbis, mp3, flac, wav and anything else supported by
gstreamer) into your projects.
* a range of instruments can be added to a project, and instruments can be
renamed. instruments can also be muted and soloed easily.
* export to mp3, ogg vorbis, flac, wav and anything else gstreamer supports.
Latest reviews
wtlhk 11 years ago

Nice GUI Design and working platform

linuxfanatik 11 years ago

Superb and easy to use. It helps me to develop my riffs and shows me how to make things better with overlays - in effect, its a kind of Musical Gimp that does for the Musician what the Gimp does for the photographer (I use that too)! ;)

grim 11 years ago

Looks good, even though I have some issues using it with my Behringer Soundcard :\

jacobdb 12 years ago

nice application, looks great, usable, and sturdy

silvernode 12 years ago

Easy to use and setup. Great recording platform.