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"If you replace Open Office with LibreOffice as I mentioned below, (above), whatever, you can use it on a Microsoft System (if you want to be in a prison environment) or on your Macbook -fi you have one since It caters for all operating systems. It doesn't have the ribbon that Microsoft uses in Office 7 and 10 but as this is essentally a tabbed area, it is only a matter of time before LibreOffice adds this feature to itself, also!"
"Like it said Awesome. I started off on UNix then moved to SUSE 6.1 and moved up to SUSE Professional 8.2 (prior to the take-over by Novell). In all that time I used mostly text commands. But when I switched to Ubuntu 6.6 it was fun to use the mouse too though Bash was quicker (like Liquor) ;)!"
"Superb and easy to use. It helps me to develop my riffs and shows me how to make things better with overlays - in effect, its a kind of Musical Gimp that does for the Musician what the Gimp does for the photographer (I use that too)! ;)"
"Not a happy bunny! I joined Ubuntu at 6.6 - a long time. Recently, the changes that have taken place have driven me away. If only Mark Shuttleworth would leave things be. You don't need to fix something that is already good - now its a chimera - not being one thing or the other. I give it one. In Mint it is perfect with Debian and works well with the superb backup team here - Thanks Guys! Your the best!"
"Very good. It helps me get it together with both my acoustic and Electric lead guitars."
"Excellent - though I used it when I was in Ubuntu. Now I'm here cos its better than Ubuntu alone!"
"At first, I thought this was good . But it has some problems with well-known International artists (whom it does not recognise). It has let me down several times and is therefore little better than cannon-fodder for the masses!"
"Banshee (or the Celtic version Bansidhe) is a very good Music Management program. It beats Rhythmnbox and has some elements that go far beyond Amarok for musical power and catalogueing. You won't go far wrong with Banshee!"
"I downloaded Exaile to Julia (Which I am still on) together with Firefox4 and Clementine (an early version of Amarok) but without the problems of Amarok. All of these items perform very well and are superb. Exaile and Clementine are about the best I've seen thus far with Clementine really excellent with the added noise generators which are effective with some types of music."
"I have been using this prolifically since I downloaded it - very good!"