Configuration module for the grub2 bootloader
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This is a configuration module for system settings for configuring the grub2 bootloader.
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sebadamus 7 years ago


fotonix 7 years ago

The comments here saved it from 1-star. I made a quick shell script to start up the obscure command, named it 'grub2conf'. I had tried the process by hand, but failed. This brings in ease of use.

lib2know 7 years ago

really useful bridge over lack of usability in grub2

SauPhi 7 years ago

Mint 17.1 Cinn : Pas visible dans le menu, a lancer uniquement en mode terminal par "kcmshell4 kcm_grub2" Je peaufine ma configuration puis la sauvegarde mais hélas échec avec message d'erreur non explicite. Heureusement mon chargeur Grub reste intact.

mikaloyd 8 years ago

Now that UEFI is common and getting commoner my old buddy bootrepair has as great a chance to do further harm to a broken grub 2 installation. A graphical way to edit carefully was needed. A way that allowed people who arent keyboaed wizards of the terminals to at least see what grub2 is doing and changes that can be made. The only bit of this that needs help is the very old versionin repositories. The newer version, by some years, fixes a bug or two but ostly it allows you to finally get rid of all those deadweight listings of kernals listed in your bios from your computer's distant past

beever 8 years ago

Mint 17.1 KDE 64 bits RC -- Download with Synaptic Package Manager. After install -- Found hidden under System Settings / (System Administration) Startup and Shutdown as GRUB2 Bootloader - no terminal action required from now on ...

vdubus9902 8 years ago

Mint 17 cinn, works awesome :) Terminal enter as stated below : kcmshell4 kcm_grub2

Ali_RNT 8 years ago

Really useful, must be installed by default on LM KDE edition.

tonycstech 8 years ago

Should have been included on all KDE

pawpawtroy 9 years ago

Works well on mint 16 but I there is no launch icon. I follwed the advice of the comment below & it worked.

akawarrior 10 years ago

Works Good Mint 13 But No Menu Launch Icon And had To Terminal Invoke With : kcmshell4 kcm_grub2

neojal 11 years ago

This really works for me! Even better than two better rated programs. =D !!!