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"This is the undisputed champion of gui programs which try to show users every possible movement of data in their machines. If you need to "watch" a process for fun or repair htop can probably show it to you. Im certain the developers were far more concerned about the possibility of leaving a process unwatched than they ever were about watching too many. Which is good . If I had to point out something that was maybe not as great as the information htop gives then Id have to say it is the wild bright text on jet black background. Might look a little bit like Netscape Navigator having vivid Tripod dreams. That doesnt matter though. this program is complete and it works well. 5 stars baybee "
"Works OK but is a near twin to gparted in most ways but has a bit less ability and a bit more trouble. I gparted had never existed this would be a tool every person who intends to install fix or break programs should have. But when theres a better easier tool already then you you probably like the letter k more than you should. "
"Now that UEFI is common and getting commoner my old buddy bootrepair has as great a chance to do further harm to a broken grub 2 installation. A graphical way to edit carefully was needed. A way that allowed people who arent keyboaed wizards of the terminals to at least see what grub2 is doing and changes that can be made. The only bit of this that needs help is the very old versionin repositories. The newer version, by some years, fixes a bug or two but ostly it allows you to finally get rid of all those deadweight listings of kernals listed in your bios from your computer's distant past"
"I had to finally and with regrets part ways with Firefox. The NPAPI sdobe flash plugin could no longer open up videos on facebook with a 64 bit linux OS while srill adhering to security. Adobe and Facebook added a certificate to users videos that is too insecure for firefox or 14.04 ubuntu based 64 bit systems to accept even if you try accepting bad certs. I almost installed Cirix which might work, but would cripple mt systems speed. I had fought through adobe and firefox and java and video drivers and x org entangled problems enough times over the years to know yhay citrix might let me see vodeos at a big performance cost but it was also opening up another can offix-me worms. Even though Chromium with pepper flash and google are far from perfect and less easily customized to fit me, Chromium works withour asking me to find strange new wats to keep them running via ppas untrusted programs and the rest of the bubble gum and scotch tape needed to hold firefox together on a world wide web that is rapidly surpassing its features. "
"it is very fast very easy to use and saves a lot of time finding and downloading and checking ISO images. I have no complaints"