mathematical function plotter for KDE
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KmPlot is a powerful mathematical plotter KDE, capable of plotting multiple functions simultaneously and combining them into new functions.

Cartesian, parametric, and differential functions are supported, as well as functions using polar coordinates. Plots are printed with high precision at the correct aspect ratio.

KmPlot also provides numerical and visual features such as filling and calculating the area between the plot and the first axis, finding maxima and minima, changing function parameters dynamically, and plotting derivatives and integral functions.

This package is part of the KDE education module.
Latest reviews
MvGulik 11 months ago

Gui behavior is buggy / inconsistent / unclear in its behavior. Grid spacing settings don't seem to work at all. Help links go to some unavailable page. ... This one is definitely NOT properly build & tested with Mint (whatever version) in mind (Which seem a general Linux thing. And YES Linux is still a for Geeks by Geeks product).

Caltrop 6 years ago

can not open or save files

Zel_Fortin 10 years ago

Very practical and easy to use!

qqino 10 years ago


Anleoje 12 years ago

Really good, but it installed a lot of other programs on my PC :(

carlosjimy 12 years ago

Excelente graficador. Todo tipo de funciones en 2D con una presentación elegante y práctica.

Topen 13 years ago

Great for 2D plots but can't do 3D plots

Reigenspieler 13 years ago

In my opinion the best plotter for Linux.