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"Don't know what this is actually installing, or for that matter "what its suppose to install" as the used screenshot don't matches the text version. Either way typing "qstat" after installing will just give you the general "not found" result. And there is of course no related documentation to guide you after that. Ergo: Just one other useless entry in the linuxmint software collection."
"Useless (on Mint at least). Goes into some keyboard setup mode, asking to press some key, but no matter what key you press its just ignoring them. Starting with -k to activate manual keyboard setup mode ... just show the help. Right. If even basic stuff like that don't works correctly, its a waist of time to continue."
"Mint 20 Cinnamon => Software manager => Install seems to go ok (a lot of disk rattling). But software-manager-launch will not do anything (not sure if it should though). No "wine" to be found in the Main-menu. Typed "wine" in console, and its shows it there. So just told wine to start some win.exe ... and it kinda finalized the install, before running that win.exe without problems. (its only because I needed wine to solve some problem I persisted, or else I would have probably also concluded the install had failed, and given up on it)"
"The daddy of a lot of other editors. (to bad it seems to be infected with the potential of constant flickering text in mint 19)"
"Doing its job without complaining. --- Seems to lack ability to copy Hex-data strings (ie: limited to copying Ascii part strings only) --- (minor UI issue (vs screenshot). Hex and Ascii panes can be shown without any clear separation between them)"
"Ok, I guess, for just and only viewing of images. --- Not ok for doing any image modifying (ie: rotate, etc). --- At older mint versions it was already not auto saving any modified images ... other than the last modified image (ergo: useless feature). So one would need to manual save directly after a image modification. --- Now in Mint 19 it has some additional feature. It now also asks to reload the modified image after manually saving it (Nice ... adding additional unnecessary workload when adjusting a set of new images. without a setting to disable that). --- Considering the Xviewer Github issue page is full of old bug issues ... If one is planing to use Xviewer for anything else, other than just mere image viewing. suggest one looks for something else for that. --- Typical Linux/Mint stuff."
"Can' t be used anymore, goes belly up on just about any action. (0.6.0-5, outdated version btw too))+(19.3 C) & ( == 404, probably already for years I figure. Should be: "")"