Sticky notes application
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KNotes is a program that lets you write sticky notes. The notes are saved automatically when you exit the program, and they display when you open the program. The program supports printing and mailing your notes.
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Raphael 1 year ago

Cumple con lo que promete, son notas sencillas, editables que se adhieren al escritorio sin necesidad de una ventana, justo lo que estaba buscando.

Matt432 2 years ago

Awful, bundled with KDE and even if you un-install it its still there messing up your desktop, the author should be ashamed!!

novell 3 years ago

Bad grafical!

AUserInEssex2 7 years ago

Seems good! The screenshots are a reasonable guide. To get it to run on startup, run the 'startup applications' prog and tell it to use the command 'xpad'.

tres4tos 10 years ago

Lo que estaba buscando, no te muestra las notas en la barra de tareas.