office productivity suite -- database
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LibreOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite that provides a near drop-in replacement for Microsoft(R) Office.

This package contains the database component for LibreOffice.
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whitetiger2 3 years ago

Users beware i found PUA virus in the templates.

cryptor 6 years ago

Pesado, lento... no es alternativa para crear una base de datos ni siquiera doméstica.

fotonix 7 years ago

Not in the default LibreOffice. Only shows one DB type on opening - HSQLDB Embedded, and cnnpot connect to newly created file. Here is hoping for Office 5 with Mint 17.3. Very disappointing. [I have 20 years+ experience in high end DB, this product deserves a Lord Torvalds torrent]

iosonoscrive 7 years ago

Very good

arno08 7 years ago

Très bonne suite bureautique

LinuxMinz 7 years ago

The programming language is pretty awful.

sigurd1701 7 years ago

Best & Free! But why it isn't in the default installation of the LibreOffice package is beyond understanding

flasdik 7 years ago

Not so good functional and optimization.

spammeaccount 8 years ago

Why this is no longer included by default is beyond me. The launcher still has an entry for it. It embarrassed me when I went to show someone libre could also do databases

ravenheart 8 years ago

Base is a great front-end for any database like HSQL, MYSQL, etc, BUT you MUST use a split format for stability. Make sure you lookup the free templates online (they're actually in the forums, created by users Villeroy & DACM) for creating your databases in split format. Make sure you know the difference between embedded & split databases before you begin working. Split databases are not default, but give you rock-solid stability.

Ahmad_istakim 9 years ago

like it

librelegal 10 years ago

LibreOffice is very reliable and updated regularly - I use it everyday for business purposes and am very impressed. Beste Office-Suite, regelmäßige Updates, nutzerorientiert, Kompatibilität auch mit MS-Office und und obendrein eine neuartige Stiftung, die jedem Aktiven die Mitwirkung/Mitbestimmung erlaubt und garantiert

winlinuser 10 years ago

What works is good but there are stability issues. Some tutorial material is out of date / incorrect. It's no Ms Access but I like it and will continue using it. Looking forward to future developments.