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AMD CPU/Processor, Works perfectly on Nadia
Radeon HD5450
Sapphire Graphics/Video/TV card, Works fine with some minor problems on Rebecca
HDKPC03 DT01ACA100 1TB Hard Drive
Toshiba HDD, Works perfectly on Nadia
990FX Extreme4
AsRock Motherboard Motherboard, Works perfectly on Nadia
Favorite software:
"Excellent mouse click emulator. Can also send any combination of complex key presses, and mouse clicks. Time delays, loops, etc. are also available."
"Kexi development has come along nicely. Much more functionality in recent versions. I'm using 3.1. Definitely worth trying now. Really appreciate the ease of developing forms for custom data entry. Seems to have very active development."
"Use this a lot for manual speech transcription. Spacebar gives you pause/play. Left/Right arrows jumps time 10 seconds. And playback speed can be altered slower/faster as you wish. Excellent program."
"Love it, use it regulary. If you have trouble getting your sound card sinced-up with Audacity, install Gnome-alsamixer. I had muted channels on my sound card preventing me from recording in Audacity, until I installed Gnome-alsamixer and unmuted those channels.."
"This should come with Linux Mint 19.1 distro. It allowed me to unmute the 'line' channel on my card, which the default Linux sound app couldn't do. I couldn't record through my sound card using Audacity, until I found gnome-alsamixer. Awesome."
"I use this solely for playing flash games, and it works great. No lag whatsoever. My firefox install is bogged down with tons of add-ons, so it lags awful when playing flash games."
"Tremendous! I burned this to DVD. Booted with it, and was able to move my home partition over creating empty space, and then expand my root partition a little to allow more room for my linux install. Clean & easy to use. The best disk partition app hands-down."
"Tremendous program! Best in its class as far as I'm concerned. Really like the ability to import from other notetaking applications, and to export to pdf. Clean & easy to use as well."
"Works great. I have to run it with sudo privileges. I mainly use it to embed pictures into mp3s."
"Nobody gives any love to Sudo ;-)"
"Works fantastic for installing local .deb files and all their dependencies."
"Extremely useful. A great gnome gui is available for this too."
"Simple and effective. Just click the Status button and in a few seconds, it will turn on. I guess the fellow who gave it one star couldn't figure out how to click a button."
"Great gui front-end for rsync & cron. Simple to use & performs backups fast. Easy scheduling. Super user run available (which I use to maintain a backup of my entire home directory). I use this rather than the Backup Tool that comes with Linux Mint 16, using their tool only for software selection backup."
"Base is a great front-end for any database like HSQL, MYSQL, etc, BUT you MUST use a split format for stability. Make sure you lookup the free templates online (they're actually in the forums, created by users Villeroy & DACM) for creating your databases in split format. Make sure you know the difference between embedded & split databases before you begin working. Split databases are not default, but give you rock-solid stability."
"Excellent alternative to office. Base is also an excellent front-end, but be sure to use the free templates online to setup your databases in split-databse format. Know the difference between embedded & split-databases before you begin with Base. It's ultra stable & reliable when split."
"Excellent duplicate file finder. Also great for showing installed packages sorted by size, so you can tell at a glance if you have any unneeded large packages installed."
"Great. I second what Impulse wrote below. Just a phenomenal and easy to use player, and it displays the embedded art for most all of my mp3 collection which no other player would do. I've tried banshee, amarok, vlc, & rhythmbox and was beginning to lose hope. Can't thank the developers enough for this one. :-)"