Fast webserver with minimal memory footprint
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Lighttpd is a small webserver and fast webserver developed with security in mind and a lot of features. It has support for
* CGI, FastCGI and SSI
* virtual hosts
* URL rewriting
* authentication (plain files, htpasswd, LDAP)
* transparent content compression
* conditional configuration
* HTTP proxying
and configuration is straight-forward and easy.
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jcxz100 5 years ago

Very lightweight :-D Runs smoothly even on old computers with low memory.

Elisa 10 years ago

As 'AndrewX192' said, agree + I add it's good for running even Tor hidden services for some small static pages (if you don't want run e.g. pythoned ones ;))

AndrewX192 11 years ago

Great webserver for small projects, very easy to setup and very light on memory usage