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Lutris helps you install and play video games from all eras and from most gaming systems. By leveraging and combining existing emulators, engine re-implementations and compatibility layers, it gives you a central interface to launch all your games.
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Mellthas 1 month ago

Logged to GoG, but the GOG line just kept in endless loop "loading". Had to uninstall and get the Flatpack. In size it is also big difference. System package has circa 400MB, Flatpack has nearly 2 GB.

Cyndekai 3 months ago

Use the flatpak version. This version is very out-of-date and not working well AT ALL. It's INCREDIBLY slow.

Vetmatcpp 5 months ago

Won't install epic games, and won't login to it either, use the flatpak version!

twitom26 8 months ago

use the flatpak for the latest release, these older versions have bugs to the point where I can't even launch a single game, it just gets stuck on "launching" but never ends up doing anything.

Seto 8 months ago

Pressing the 'play' button, doesn't even start.. it's stuck at a loading loop. It's a known bug, and on their git page they said they fixed it. Well yeah, I can see how much they fixed it.

MamaQuackers 9 months ago

I had so much trouble with Wine and different things using the terminal trying to get my games to work. Im new to Linux so I was trying but something wasnt going well, until I used this. it fixed the Wine, it retrieved my games from steam, origin, and it made it so I can play MTG Arena. I am so grateful, and it works great!

PiBob 9 months ago

For Hearthstone disable Esync in Game-Options. It's awesome to game on Linux.

sokkel 10 months ago

If you cannot start games from Lutris directly, maybe disabeling Lutris runtime in settings/global options might work for you too. I dont know wether this runtime libs are needed for some cool stuff, but with having them activated I can hardly start anything from within Lutris.

Einhornyordle 11 months ago

FYI You can install a newer .deb package via the official lutris github on the releases page.

Eksploranto 1 year ago

When will version 0.5.11 for Linux Mint come out? The store only has this version in flatpak. I didn't want to reinstall all my games.

alejandrotch 1 year ago


JimmiVP 2 years ago

This made me uninstall Windows. I only had windows because of games :)

Olomee 2 years ago

Took me some time to get to understand how to make wine and all work. This tool and the website make it 'easy' to install and run stuff. Recent wine verions are really doing great. The managing of wine versions and configuration of wine prefix folders plus the few graphic enabling options are handy. Was able to custom install some recent games (Gog 2020) and make them work when couldn't with just wine. Makes linux and distros great at native gaming even when not deved for us. All our bases...

famaral 3 years ago

It is not perfect. But sure helps people like me. I manage to install Magic Arena. And some GOG games like Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf, Diablo (with devolution), Simcity 2000, Theme Hospital (with CorsixTH). All nice and easy. Show de bola!

blamster19 3 years ago

Awesome platform, saves a lot of time setting up games through Wine!

NOOBMASTER 3 years ago

Lutris is not perfect, but it lets you play games that you could otherwise only play on Windows. In my case, Lutris fails to respond to Play button, and I must go the long way using Run EXE inside Wine prefix, then locate the file, only then can I start selected program. Needless to say I only use Lutris for non-steam games. Every time I accidentally click the Play button, I can't launch that game using the second way I described, and I just have to restart process, many times the system. Installing and reinstalling the game in the same session also need restart for the UI to accept it.

AdamJensen 4 years ago

Первое знакомство с этим приложением прошло не совсем гладко, но чуть позже изучив его оказалось довольно просто. Хорошая совместимость с некоторыми моими играми. Продолжаю экспериментировать с ним. 1) Для начала зарегистрируйтесь на сайте , авторизуйтесь на сайте, внесите необходимые игры в свою библиотеку. Потом запустите Lutris на рабочем столе авторизуйтесь и выполните СИНХРОНИЗАЦИЮ с библиотекой (левый верхний угол - черная голова). Далее выбираете игру и устанавливаете.

_Josue_ 4 years ago

An awesome software to install windows games and play them, I use it a lot.

SinGa 4 years ago

J'ai essayé de faire fonctionner plusieurs jeux comme Age Of Empire 2, Banished, Stronghold Kingdom et Diablo 3, mais aucun ne se lance, soit le jeu plante totalement au lancement, soit une erreur survient immédiatement :/

FinixFighter 4 years ago

This app has so much potential!