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"Discord's servers aren't open source at all, and Discord as a platform is absolutely terrible. So your conversations aren't secure nor private. But, If you're like me and have tons of friends who only use Discord and you care about what apps are running on your system, this is an amazing FOSS client with tons of security and privacy settings. So you can choose what you don't want being sent to Discord. It's especially nice if you want every app on your system to be FOSS for privacy or security concerns. Just be mindful that what you send to their server is in Discord's hands, which are known to be privacy invasive and again, their servers are completely closed source. But it's nice to have a client like this, so I'm not forced to use their native spyware client, which records and logs every app you're running and who knows what else."
"I'm giving it 5 stars because this is the best, easiest backup application to make for LOCAL drives. I have an external HDD me and my family only use for backing up our computers once every few weeks, and this is amazing for that. It lets me choose which folder I want to store the backups in, automatically encrypts the backup if you set a password and it, just, works. When it comes to Cloud Storage based off of the reviews, it's not great at that asking for your Google account which is strange. I don't know if that still implies, since those were 4 months ago. But as a local backup option or for external hard drives, it works amazingly."
"use the flatpak for the latest release, these older versions have bugs to the point where I can't even launch a single game, it just gets stuck on "launching" but never ends up doing anything."
"Thank you!!! Making replays on Linux has always been a pain when it comes to gaming, people always just say use OBS, but it uses more resources than it should. This app has now made me fully switch to Linux because now I can create clips in my games without any stutters or drops in my fps. This is a lifesaver!"