MATE Panel dock applet
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An application dock applet for the MATE panel. The applet allows you to:

- place a dock on any MATE panel, of any size, on any side of
the desktop you desire.
- pin and unpin apps to the dock
- rearrange application icons on the dock
- launch apps by clicking on their icons in the dock
- minimize/unminimize running app windows by clicking the
app's dock icon
- detect changes in the current icon theme and update the dock
- use an indicator by each app to show when it is running
- optionally, use multiple indicators for each window an app
has open
- use either a light or dark indicator that it can always be
seen no matter what colour the panel is, or turn indicators
off altogether
- change the colour of MATE panels to the dominant colour (i.e.
the most common colour) of the desktop wallpaper. The colour
can be applied to all panels or just the panel containing the
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rdlf4 3 years ago

It doesn't do a great job on Linux Mint 19 with support for GTK3. Hell this version is NOT RECOMMENDED by the Mate Dock team as they state on their own Gtihub! The version that comes with LM19 is v0.85 - the one on Github currently is v0.86. If you download and take a look at their own it says the only version that supports GTK3 provided by Linux Mint is v0.80! SO WHAT'S THE POINT to make this version available for the newest Linux Mint? Mate-dock v0.85 does not display some icons, especially the ones you run under Wine (or Windows applications) - it just won't display them, you're forced into using Alt+Tab ALL THE TIME! Sometimes, even after opening up an app from the launcher makes the launcher icon to flash continuosly, it's annoying! And after you've successfully launched an app and then minimize it, mate-dock just won't unminimize it, rather it will just flash the icon repeatedly, again forcing you into using Alt+tab all the time. So again, WHAT'S THE POINT for using this applet?!

_Josue_ 3 years ago

This is a cool app. However the version here is quite outdated and will not work at all because it is for GTK2 and the Mate desktop (and newer versions of this app) already evolved to GTK3. I would suggest following the instructions at the official github page to install it:

Caltrop 4 years ago

does NOTHING! even after re-boot.