MATE desktop tweak tool
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Configures some aspects of the MATE desktop not exposed via the MATE Control Center applets.

Settings that can be handled via MATE Tweak:

- Show/hide standard desktop icons
- Panel fine-tuning (icon visibility, in menus and on buttons,
icon size, button labelling, contex menus, etc.)
- Window manager fine-tuning
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uberdonkey 3 years ago

I was expecting more features. There is little if anything above what you can do within normal gui interfaces on mate anyway. Mostly pointless

luapmada 4 years ago

Faster / safer way to cancel changes in terminal : "mate-panel --reset -- layout linuxmint"

AkiraTsukizawa 4 years ago

Может удалить вашу панель, остарожнее

sebadamus 4 years ago

Carefull, dont change: Interface box to Fedora/GNome2 because you cant get back to default unless you delete de config files from terminal (at least didnt find any other way)