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"Serves a purpose. So, ok, it's great if you have a problem with dependencies in installing some software. Deb/PPA would always be preferred installation for me to keep the system integrated and streamlined (you don't want to be installing the same software several times, which potentially you are doing with snap packages). However, there are times you just can't easily install software in another way, so it serves a useful function and works well. One important point is that it creates several small partitions on your hard drive to operate, so if you want to get rid of it completely 'remove' isn't enough, you must 'purge'. A short comparison of deb and snaps is here"
"In linux Mint 19.0 (flatpak v. 1.0.9). Simply doesn't launch."
"F2fs specifically designed for SSD, SD, USB. I found changing my usb and SD cards to f2fs file system meant they were much faster for file transfer. Also safer than FAT (has journaling). This tool is required to format disk as f2fs in eg. gparted. I advise against using the slow and outdated FAT32, though exFAT is comparable to f2fs. Only one thing, on one SD card, copying files doesn't seem to stick (ie the copy process functions, but then I can't see the file when opening SD card again)."
"This is how an archive manager should be: intuitive, super simple, versatile, quick. A great work horse. Possibly those doing heaps of compression on a regular basis write their own routines, but this is great for the rest of us. Only gripe is that the name (file-roller) is not the one listed in the mint menu (Archive Manager), but it still appears if you type file-roller."
"k-ruler only measures pixels and '%', screen ruler does this and cms, inches, picas, points. Has more functionality than k-ruler."
"Best pdf editor fore reviewing - can highlight, add notes, circle, box around text. Zoom in and out with mouse. BUT can't remove/move pages edit etc"
"Fantastic. Using menu from right click you can batch resize fotos to various sizes. I used this all the time. So simple and so fast. For use with MATE desktop environment (i.e. Caja)."
"Nice presentation and good functionality except I usually use such software to take photos from one place and put in another - it lacks functionality in this respect e.g. right clicking and moving"
"Much more intuitive and user friendly than other browsers. Seems fastest for me too."
"19 mate - works fine (several computers). This is a must have app if you want to save power (limits CPU freq). After installation it puts little applet in bottom right. This is automatically set to 'powersave' but you can swap to 'performance' by clicking on applet. Considerably extends battery life. When you start computer applet is there; defaults to powersave."
"if using standard (ext4) filesystem rather than BTRFS you'll see that it takes large chunks of your hard drive. If not careful it will fill your disk space, requiring you to delete items to make your system useable again. Also, trying to delete these saved timestamps can be problematic as they still take diskspace when deleted: effectively a good way to waste large chunks of your harddisk for nothing. A good idea, with some use, but in general I would avoid until they solve problem with inability to clear disk space taken up by deleted timestamps and the potential to crash your system when timestamps fill HD (best alternative is to save timestamps to external HD that you can reformat if problems)."
"I was expecting more features. There is little if anything above what you can do within normal gui interfaces on mate anyway. Mostly pointless"