GTK+ image viewer for comic books
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MComix is an user-friendly, customizable image viewer. It is specifically designed to handle comic books, but also serves as a generic viewer. It reads images in ZIP, RAR, 7Zip or tar archives as well as plain image files. It is written in Python and uses GTK+ through the PyGTK bindings, and runs on both Linux and Windows.

MComix is a fork of the Comix project, and aims to add bug fixes and stability improvements after Comix development came to a halt in late 2009.

MComix3 is a fork of the MComix project (of gtk3 branch), which port MComix to python3.
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Drizzle 1 month ago

Works well, has a clean and clear UI and seems pretty user friendly. Unfortunately, I would like to use it for multipage tiff files, which it does not support.

tttt 2 years ago

installs without problems on Mint 20 for me and reading comics works flawless.

FinderX 2 years ago

Is not workin in Linux Mint 20.0 , [MainThread] ERROR: Required PyGTK version is: 2.12.0 or higher , [MainThread] ERROR: No version of PyGTK was found on your system. , [MainThread] ERROR: This error might be caused by missing GTK+ libraries.

calhaus 7 years ago

The very best! Simple, lightweight, easy to use and good costumizations options. Yacreader is the second best, but lacks the zoom shortcuts and the view modes customization.

signatux 7 years ago

Continúa allí donde Comix se quedó. Actualizado, soporta numerosos formatos e idiomas, y como ya se ha dicho en otros comentarios, lee incluso archivos con contraseña. Elijo Mcomix, sin duda.

Rindo 8 years ago

just perfect.

topper 8 years ago

Es bastante bueno. Como visor, puedes abrir también archivos que tengan contraseña (al estilo de CDisplayEx), característica que no tiene Comix.

Ion_ore 8 years ago

Much superior to Comix, which hasn't seen an update in 5 years. MComix can open PDF's and passworded archives, for example, and has more translations.