GUI and notification area icon for Syncthing
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Supported Syncthing features:
Everything what WebUI can displayAdding/editing/deleting nodesAdding/editing/deleting repositoriesRestart/shutdown serverEditing daemon settingsAdditional features:
First run wizard for initial configurationRunning Syncthing daemon in backgroundHalf-automatic setup for new nodes and repositoriesNautilus (a.k.a. Files), Nemo and Caja integrationDesktop notifications
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DdraigAlarus 2 months ago

Exited to find this on Linux Mint. Ive used it on Android & Windows for quite a while now. It makes integration & file sharing across- platforms so much simpler. .

Blasfemis 1 year ago

To sync from Linux to Windows or Android, works like a charm. Even without admin rights on the Windows machine. Not too easy for a novice, but worth the time in getting it set up.

goebbe 2 years ago

This tool is great for the integration of syncthing into Linux Mint cinnamon. Can be used to sync directories between two devices that are connected to the internet at the same time.