Digital Disc Jockey Interface
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Mixxx is a digital DJ system, where Wave, Ogg, FLAC and MP3 files can be mixed on a computer for use in live performances. Filters, crossfader, and speed control are provided. Mixxx can sync the 2 streams automatically, using an algorithm to detect the beat.

Mixxx works with Jack or OSS, can be controlled from the GUI or from external controllers, including MIDI devices and joysticks, and supports skins.
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addisonsparks 1 year ago

I'm sure this software has seen quite a few updates over the years seeing issues in older comments, However, I've had no issues over the two days I've been learning the interface. I used Traktor for years on Windows.. finally ditched that OS, and decided to look around for some possible alternatives for Mint 20. I'm extremely impressed that Mixxx offers features and customization that I had always wanted from Traktor but it didn't have. I tagged all my music by key using KeyFinder and now it's built right in to Mixxx. The effects routing system is also far superior. Basically a huge upgrade from what I had on windows with no loss. I wasn't expecting it to be easy to set up my Pioneer controller either but there was a preset built right in. I haven't seen the newer Serato builds, but from what I remember, this would be better. Pairing this with either ProjectM or LeBinou would make a really fun party!

atlant 2 years ago

Отличная программа очень напомнила Virtual DJ.

danydube 3 years ago

Sans doute l'un des meilleurs programmes libre pour créer des mixages. Je l'utilise comme poste de radio locale. Très mature comme programme.

tekk 5 years ago

Similar to Traktor.

renatormendes 6 years ago

Ótimo programa, mas deixa a desejar por não trabalhar com arquivos mp4 também...

kabbo0 6 years ago

Muy bueno, va con mi mesa Reloop TerminalMIX8.

Skin 6 years ago

Ottimo, non si può chiedere di meglio :-)

Ahiro 7 years ago

Nagyon tetszik! Milyem kontrollerrel használjátok? Milyet érdemes beszerezni hozzá?

Hammer459 7 years ago

Does all I need for acting DJ :-)

arborad 8 years ago

Perfektný program! Nice work, thanx!

Jncrn 8 years ago

The program is great, but after 3-5 minutes, it just closes... no error message or anything. I would still reccomend because it is a great application, not only for playing mutiple songs at once but for playing music generally.

ELECTRO 8 years ago

Keep growink !

HerrDierk 9 years ago

Simple to use program. This one can be compared with Virtual DJ. Remember, it is growing ... and FREE

isithedreamaker 10 years ago


miib96 10 years ago

A optimisé davantage sinon c'est bon

BrowserXL 10 years ago

Awesome DJ Software, running smoothly in 14. Loads of features to explore.

lordofthemorning 11 years ago

For me it crashes as soon as i try loading a song in either deck, or try to adjust the audio settings for the main. Can't seem to fix it. Linux mint 12 running on amd duron 1200, standard soundblaster 16 audiocard

Flochen 11 years ago

Es ist einfach nur genial.. für Linux ist es gut ich als alter windows umsteiger musste mich erstmal gewöhnen

franny 11 years ago

works great, with the right skin setup

FuzeTheFerret 11 years ago

Running Mint 12, pretty great! I prefer opensource strongly over paid products. Just like most libre software however, it does take a learning curve.