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"Installed it but half the link do not work and I cannot see where to report the non-functioning links and if I do will it make any difference? Uninstalled it!"
"Running Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon. Hypnotix could be a great application if only the channels worked - at the time of writing - although based in the UK have checked many of the UK channels - All the radio channels appear to work, BBC World News only sound and coloured vertical bars on the screen. Sporty Stuff TV, GB News, Talk TV News, ARISE News, Sky News all work OK but Bloomberg TV HD crashed the program as do some others but the BBC TV Channels, ITV etc do not work. Pluto TV does work but from a different menu. Pretty poor really!!"
"I am a fan of Audacity despite the score of 1 - I HATE IT!! NOT A FAN OF THE FLATPACK VERSION 3.4.2 in Software Manager - made a clean install of Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon onto HP Microserver - installed Audacity via flatpack route - as like many others have reported - will not launch - not responding - have to force quit - going back to system package that actually installs and works correctly despite it being version 2.4.2~dfsg0-5 at least it works!!"
"Could be so useful if one could copy and paste the chord shapes into a document - installed it - tried it - removed it"
"Does not read my QR codes"
"Video camera comes on but does not recogise QR codes"
"I have just installed Linux Mint 21.1 Vera on a old HP255 that was struggling to run Windows10 Home. I already run V19 Mint on a HP server and impressed but 21 even better!! Well done you guys at LinuxMint!!! Then discovered that I can now control my SONOS system via NOSON and am so impressed. It all appears to work flawlessly with my system (running SONOS S1 app on android). Thank you so much for persevering with this software - so grateful and yes I will be making a donation - keep up the great work!! Have since also added NOSON to my 32-bit (now unsupported) version of Linux Mint on a Lenovo IdeaPad - - followed instructions and it just worked!! You can install noson-app on your Ubuntu desktop by the following from terminal: >sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jlbarriere68/noson-app >sudo apt-get update >sudo apt-get install noson-app"