video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2
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Mpv is a movie player based on MPlayer and mplayer2. It supports a wide variety of video file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types.

Changes from mplayer2 to mpv include: * Removal of lots of unneeded code to encourage developer activity * Better OSD rendering * Cleaned up terminal output * Improved OpenGL output * Encoding functionality (replacement for mencoder) * Wayland support * Support for playing URLs of popular streaming sites * Screenshot improvements * ... See mpv(1) for more info regarding changes between MPlayer, mplayer2 and mpv.
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mirzabah 1 month ago

works as intended, no problems, no hassle, click install, and then run anything using it

Vertical 7 months ago

Reliable and simple. Capable of playing videos with transparency values. Plays very fast and can be modified to for example close right after video ends. Feels like it has it all for me.

poi2poi 1 year ago

Won't let you play/pause by clicking on the image, useless

vanilla_flower_foxy 1 year ago

simply the best video player! i make sure to add ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf with loop-file=inf and hwdec=auto-safe. so far i've had great success with using it as my universal music/video player for everything other than midi... Timidity or Rhythmbox answers that need

nm__ 1 year ago

One of the best media players I've used. Not as feature rich as vlc (atleast out of the box) but it keeps everything simple and easy to manage.

alexx5957 1 year ago

Великолепное великолепие,богатое богатство.Не плеер,а мошонка Джона Дэвисона Рокфеллера!!!

Arisma 2 years ago

Mantep banget nih software, bisa sebagai alternatif VLC, ringan juga dipake di linuxmint

rahmanlar 2 years ago

Great video player, however I prefer Celluloid. It's a GTK+ frontend for MPV

Ovalwingnut 2 years ago

Fantastic! (for my purposes). It fills the video gap where Opera can't play some videos (LIVE YouTube, News & Media vids etc - don't get me started). I was able to just plunk down a YT link into a CLI and MPV filled my screen with much joy :O) Feels like a very powerful CLI tool for the "interwebs". I'm in love and can't wait for the 3rd date. Highly recommended.

beitme 2 years ago

Very capable, but not GUI

chrollorifat 2 years ago

It's way better than vlc. it's the video player of the century. you can use the custom fonts in subtitles which you can't do in vlc, low system resources, minimal. Great video player indeed.

Janno878 3 years ago

The minimum of functions, but better quality, smoother, does not even have a problem with formats for which VLC also has a problem. FANTASTIC!

Intangir 3 years ago

I recently upgraded to this because mplayer2 is gone, but mpv seems fantastic, all by default the framerate, the responsiveness, and support for almost all of my files worked perfectly. there are also configurable options for everything, so all of my custom scripts for mplayer and hotkeys are all ported into mpv in no time now, even better than in mplayer actually because the run command lets you launch commands with expanded variables i didn't have before

WhitePhoenix 5 years ago

Has potential. Needs work to be as useful as SMPlayer/MPlayer. I will not use it until all of the missing features from SMPlayer/MPlayer are added.

jeffmcneill 5 years ago

Way better than VLC, elegant and low resources

longnguyen2306 5 years ago

Very elegant.

aleksnch 6 years ago

Минимальный, ничего лишнего...

KIMW 7 years ago

Fast, but unfortunately no GUI

LordBoltar 7 years ago

a great alternative to VLC

gloriousigor 8 years ago

Highly recommended in conjunction with Smplayer. It is basically the faster, more updated fork of mplayer.