Graphical package manager
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Muon is a graphical package manager.

Features of note include:
* A powerful, yet intuitive interface
* Fast, accurate package search using the apt-xapian index and the Synaptic
search algorithm
* Support for filtering packages by status and category
* Media change support
* Support for configuring packages through the debconf system
* Warn about/disallow the installation of untrusted packages, depending on
APT settings
* Uses Polkit for running privileged actions for enhanced security,
convenience, and desktop integration
* Power management suspension during package downloads, installations and
* Support for download the latest changelog of a package
* Package screenshots
Latest reviews
KIMW 4 years ago

Excellent!!! Better than Synaptic.

guv999 9 years ago

Much nicer in KDE than Synaptic. Should be the default in KDE version

DeMus 9 years ago

Works great, looks good, does what it is supposed to do, so what elso do you want?

prativasic 10 years ago

It is really great! All the functionalities from in Synaptics with KDE integration as an advantege! Great PM for LM KDE