Lightweight PDF viewer
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MuPDF is a lightweight PDF viewer and toolkit written in portable C. It also reads XPS, OpenXPS and ePub documents.

The renderer in MuPDF is tailored for high quality anti-aliased graphics. It renders text with metrics and spacing accurate to within fractions of a pixel for the highest fidelity in reproducing the look of a printed page on screen.
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jakid 2 months ago

Program installed ok, but would launch on Linux Mint Mate 19.3 (64-bit)!

elvish7499 8 months ago

Does not launch on Linux Mint 20.

Gsparky2004 1 year ago

Tried to install in Linux Mint 19.3 from Software Manager. Said it installed, but would not launch, and there was no indication of it in applications. Uninstalled.

Crimson_Raven 1 year ago

Lightning fast rendering, but that's about it. No customization or view options whatsoever. Single page view only. Not a fan. More like a raw rendering engine for some other pdf viewer to use (like SumatraPDF did, only for windows). It's good if simplicity is what you're after. I'll keep it around for heavy single-page PDF that I need to render quickly.

usrlambda 1 year ago

Mupdf a l'air assez rapide, mais : il est ellement "léger" qu'n ne peut absolument rien faire ! À part monter et descendre ! Même pas imprimer ! Aucun clic droit ou gauche !!!

Ion_ore 2 years ago

Possibly the fastest PDF viewer on the planet. Whereas Mint's default PDF viewer, Xreader, can choke on complicated PDFs and take many seconds to load the next page, MuPDF does it all instantly. I've yet to encounter a PDF it has trouble loading. A drawback, however, is that it doesn't have a proper GUI and most operations are done via keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts can be found in the manual page (type man mupdf in the terminal), but some of the more common ones are searching (done by pressing the / key, typing in the search, and pressing enter, n and N keys find the next and previous results) and going to a specific page (type page number and press g).

alexander3244 3 years ago

Just exactly what I wanted for my default option. Great job!

wazerbeamfire 6 years ago

I was able to open .oxps files, Thanks!

Katel 6 years ago

Es muy ligero, lo recomiendo, si desean entrar al manual de instrucciones deben de entrar a la terminal y escribir Man Mupdf, ahí podran visualizar las diferentes opciones que tiene. ¡Saludos desde Perú!

lib2know 6 years ago

simple; no security issue, no weekly updates (like adobe software); printouts fine, but ignoring fields in PDF formulars (like Adobe under Linux as well)

Frugivore 6 years ago

Much faster than Evince but practically no options at all. Not usable x me.

Menthe 6 years ago

Pas terrible : manque un menu pour améliorer la lisibilité d'un document.

jahid_0903014 6 years ago


vincav91 6 years ago

Small PDF viewer with minimalistic UI that can open large PDF at lightning speed.

topper 7 years ago

Un visor de archivos pdf minimalista, veloz y eficaz. Supera en velocidad a Evince.