Themes for gtk2 murrine engine
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"Murrine" is an Italian word meaning the glass artworks done by Venicians glass blowers. The Engine is cairo-based, and it's very fast compared to clearlooks-cairo and ubuntulooks. This package includes gtk themes for the Murrine engine and themes for xfwm or metacity window managers.

- MurrinaAquaIsh
- MurrinaAzul
- MurrinaBleu
- MurrinaBlue
- MurrinaCandido
- MurrinaCandy
- MurrinaCappuccino
- MurrinaChrome
- MurrinaCream
- MurrinaEalm
- MurrinaFancyCandy
- MurrinaGilouche
- MurrinaLoveGray
- MurrinaNeoGraphite
- MurrinaVerdeOlivo
- MurrineRounded
- MurrineRoundedIcon
- MurrineRoundedLessFramed
- MurrineRoundedLessFramedIcon
- Kiwi
- MurrinaBlu
- Murrine-Gray
- Murrine-Light
- Murrine-Sky
- Orangine
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salvo1118 7 years ago

Excellent theme. I discovered it in Linux Mint Debian Edition and now use it in Linux Mint 15/16. Only complaint is that there are too many themes. Especially in MATE where all the color themes are installed as well. I wish the packager knew the meaning of "less is more".

satishmahajan 8 years ago

Good one

obakfahad 10 years ago

Really a very very good theme....

andrei 11 years ago

finally found some themes which (after some customization) can be really useful