Free music composition and notation software
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MuseScore is a free WYSIWYG music score typesetter for Linux, licenced under GNU GPL. Features:
- WYSIWYG, notes are entered on a "virtual note sheet"
- Unlimited score length
- Unlimited number of staves per system
- Up to four independent voices per staff
- easy and fast note entry with mouse, keyboard or midi
- integrated sequencer and FluidSynth software synthesizer
- import and export of MusicXml and standard midifiles (SMF)
- platform independent code for Linux, Windows and Mac
- Automatic part extraction and transposition
- Chord symbols
- Swing and shuffle playback
- and much more...
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JezekiljMonk 1 year ago

I switched from MuseScore3 on Windows7 after switching to Mint. To use scoresheets only option that work for me was to export them as Compressed MusicXML File (*mxl). Without lyrics also export to MIDI works and can be imported to MuseScore 2.

AlMiCo 1 year ago

it is outdated. Version 3 is availabel

Guest3878 1 year ago

An extremely powerful package, which quickly superseded Lilypond for me, but it's annoying to still have to muck around with app images to get access to version 3.

Maxnet 2 years ago

The software itself is awesome. It's an open source notation tool wich works great. But the version is much older then the actual one on the official site. So you should install the new version isntead.

Arrowhead 2 years ago

I'ts the best music tool I've seen. If support for additional instuments and Voices were added, It would be my favorite piece of musical software.

pietro2002 3 years ago

App fantastica, davvero ben curata e adatta anche ai professionisti

jounathaen 3 years ago

This is really professional Software

Sacha1969 5 years ago

MakeMusic, the producers of Finale, ought to be getting seriously worried; although reviews comparing MuseScore 1.3 to Finale must have been based on comparison to Finale Notepad rather than the full version, with the release of MuseScore 2.0 the comparison is almost fully justified, at any rate as far as notation goes. The integration of Garritan sounds in Finale still puts it way ahead of MuseScore on the midi front, but for composers and music copyists for whom the score is the important thing, MuseScore has now become a serious contender. I have yet to put it through its paces with a really complex score, but don't doubt that it will be up to the job. Until now the industry standard, Finale is soon likely to be left far behind by the fact that MuseScore, as well as being free, is also available for Linux. Although as a long-term fan of Finale I don't really like to say this, I think I can hear the last nails being driven into Finale's coffin (finally!).

thistof 5 years ago

Great notation software, online community, and cross-platform compatibility. A must for any musician.

cassiusgattus 6 years ago

Great! Love it and the superb community. Music for all and free

greennat 6 years ago

Le meilleur. Multiplateforme, gratuit et disponible en plusieurs langues.

tetrode 6 years ago

One of the best! Been using it with Windows, now with Linux, works everywhere!

gogulan 6 years ago

Very easy to use, produces high quality sheet music, up to version 1.3 it's lacking real guitarpro import and tablature editing for stringed instruments (guitar, bass, etc). Version 2 beta is out and is going to be a huge step forward. Thanks to all the develloppers!

sinihisi 7 years ago

no very fast......for write

EraserHead 7 years ago

Genial programa de edición de partituras con una estupenda comunidad.

cork 7 years ago

Musescore is a full featured WYSIWYG notation editor that also allows note entry from a piano keyboard (midi input). You can even download sountfonts for it. even has a community in which usere can share their scores. The musescore community recently offers a online service which turns .pdf into musescore files.

stamine86 8 years ago

very useful program

napolian 8 years ago

This is a terrific app. It has many of the features of expensive non-open-source programs like Finale and Sibelius. I use it in Linux Mint and my daughter uses it in Windows 8.

wolfgang51 8 years ago

Das beste Notesatzprogramm. Eingabe über Maus, Tast. und MIDI möglicj.

sv192009 8 years ago

Единственный полноценный полностью свободный нотный редактор. Радует возможность сохранять в pdf!