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"This is a potentially very good programme, but needs a lot of development. V. 2.0.0 lacks a timeline which would make it easier to sync audio files. There is no Undo option and neither is there a Save As function, meaning that if you make modifications after rendering and then render again, it will automatically overwrite the original, unless you rename the file. Also takes a long time to render, even with small JPG files. Needs a lot of work, but should be good one day."
"Simple but useful. Does what it says. So far I've only used it to change file extensions in large batches, but it does that quickly and effectively. Also has an UNDO function in case you make a cock-up!"
"MakeMusic, the producers of Finale, ought to be getting seriously worried; although reviews comparing MuseScore 1.3 to Finale must have been based on comparison to Finale Notepad rather than the full version, with the release of MuseScore 2.0 the comparison is almost fully justified, at any rate as far as notation goes. The integration of Garritan sounds in Finale still puts it way ahead of MuseScore on the midi front, but for composers and music copyists for whom the score is the important thing, MuseScore has now become a serious contender. I have yet to put it through its paces with a really complex score, but don't doubt that it will be up to the job. Until now the industry standard, Finale is soon likely to be left far behind by the fact that MuseScore, as well as being free, is also available for Linux. Although as a long-term fan of Finale I don't really like to say this, I think I can hear the last nails being driven into Finale's coffin (finally!)."