3D miniature golf game
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Neverputt is a hot-seat multi-player miniature golf game for 1 to 4 players. The 18-hole course takes advantage of all the elements that challenge Neverball players, including moving platforms and barriers, teleporters, ramps, and drop-offs. A simple putting interface and golf scoring system have been added.
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PlazmaKG 2 years ago

This game may be simplistic in a way, but this game is really fun when you're bored and you've got nothing better to do. xD

KiwiKev 2 years ago

Just remember to always line up the flag pole with the letter U in "Neverputt" on your final putt and you're halfway there

letsTradeQueens 7 years ago

Pretty nice game to play without an internet connection.

josefg 7 years ago

Wonderful little game.

vandamme 8 years ago

Needs a game editor, level save, zoom (so you can see what you're playing)

Jace 8 years ago

It's pretty fun, a little annoying. I found it took me a few rounds just to learn how the ball reacts. As long as you have patience to learn, and just want to play for fun, it's a great free game.

Miau 9 years ago

Una pena que no se pueda jugar online. Genial!

Therone 9 years ago

A magnificient game, with a lot of maps, funny and attractif !

Ichag 9 years ago

Steuerung ist schlecht

Ultrak1ll 10 years ago

Best golf game on linux. Lots of fun with crazy maps

bambitheslug 10 years ago

My girlfriend overseas absolutely loves playing Neverball when I take my Linux PC, so naturally I was very happy to find Neverputt. This will be even better for the both of us to play. Heck, my dad might even play it, and he can hardly be convinced to play any games!

mijo 10 years ago

Great game, awsome graphics, stable

seifenprinz 10 years ago

nett gemacht aber für anfänger zu schwer

dvleur 10 years ago

For those who can't read well: This is miniature golf, not regular golf. I played about 6 levels and still find the difficulty easy so far. I think it's a nice and relaxing game.

immortel 10 years ago

I just love this game. I never get tired of playing it.

registereduser 10 years ago

no golf course i have ever seen is shaped like these, or have difficult to avoid obstacles (pretty much impossible objects) this game isn't fun it's a pain :( i wanted to play golf, not impossible nightmare.

mintlinux 11 years ago

Good neverball follow-up.

steve470 11 years ago

By far the best game of its kind, though frustrating when you hit a good shot that takes a weird bounce out of bounds, as happens from time to time.

mint10user 11 years ago

The tricky golf course one is almost impossible! Anyways, its a fun game

tek_heretik 11 years ago

Not nVidia twinview friendly, wouldn't go back to 800x600, unable to play =(