Nextcloud folder synchronization tool
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The Nextcloud desktop app lets you always have your latest files wherever you are. Just specify one or more folders on the local machine to and a server to synchronize to. You can configure more computers to synchronize to the same server and any change to the files on one computer will silently and reliably flow across to every other.

nextcloud-desktop provides the graphical client specialising in synchronizing with cloud storage provided by Nextcloud.
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_ELD_ 1 year ago

Need to update version (bionic). This is 2.6.5 and the latest official one as FlatPak is 3.3.5.

scalpa 1 year ago

Works perfectly, in opposite to the Flatpak version which does not even start on Mint 20.2 Cinammon, though it takes much more disk space. I like this version.

border0464 2 years ago

im usining it since nextcloud exist. It do the job and do it well.

darkcloud 2 years ago

For me is the best open source cloud client ever! Para mim é o melhor cliente cloud open source que existe!