Easy automated syncing between your computers and your MEGA Cloud Drive.
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Easy automated synchronisation between your computer and your MEGA cloud.

Sync and lots more with the MEGA Desktop App

For all major platforms — Compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux, including syncing between different platforms.

Stream files directly from MEGA — The MEGA app allows you to stream any file from your MEGA cloud or from a file link, straight to your favourite player.

Deleted data retention — MEGA moves deleted files to a special folder on your local computer and in your MEGA cloud so they can be restored if you need to.

Powerful Transfer Manager — Full control over active and completed transfers: prioritise, pause/resume, open, generate links and more…

Easy Automated Synchronisation — Access and work with your data securely across different locations and devices. It’s always on and fully automatic.

Browser Integration — All MEGA browser file transfers can be automatically handled by the MEGA app, significantly enhancing the reliability, performance and speed. This avoids browser limitations, especially for large files.

File Manager — As well as syncing specified folders, you can upload and download selected files/folders, enable file versioning and overlay sync icons in your standard file explorer.

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SilenceIsG0lden 4 months ago

To each his/her own, but I don't understand why anyone would want to install the huge, not official Flatpak version of MEGA, considering MEGA is one of the few who actually have a dedicated Linux support. I simply installed my version directly from MEGA; it's always updated, works perfectly and has official support.

tplaiho 5 months ago

This seems to cheaper, better secured and more logical and handy system than most of the rivals. As long as you want to trust to - Kim Dotcom who maybe in charge - this is a service second to none.

RyoStergen 7 months ago

Just installed on Linux Mint 21.1. Absolutely no issues installing. And, I logged in to it, and my files synced right away. Works like a charm!