Office productivity suite -- drawing
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This is a transitional package, replacing the packaging with the libreoffice packaging.

it can be safely removed after an upgrade.
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mimyucel 5 years ago

I could draw an 2D technical drawing (for mechanical part) with LibreOffice Drawer once, althoug I had some difficullties in writing tolerances on measurement lines.. Succesfully.

northcamel 7 years ago

dia is better for simple use~

yusufbolu 8 years ago

I am pleased with it. I can do a lot of things like brochures, product inserts etc with it.

mbnoimi 9 years ago

Stupid editor, I though it could help me in diagrams but I found it sucks

Germmare 9 years ago

... but u know Libre-Office ?? ...

Rukia 9 years ago

It's a quite useful uml-editor. Also it can be modified by an AddOn, so it can edit PDF's

m4daredsun 9 years ago

Don't find it so useful

jesica 9 years ago

it takes up space

mikefreeman 10 years ago

Seems to me to be more of an attempt at a desktop publishing interface (like MS Publisher) than a strict graphics program. It has some good uses, in that respect (Scribus is best for that, though).

Golfy 10 years ago

Not so good than MS Visio. Links still follow objects (if you move an object, lines still connected with other objects)

ohneA 10 years ago

kein Ersatz für Inksacape!