Create and edit videos and movies (transitional package)
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This is a transitional package. It can safely be removed.
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Miguel-de-Vigo 2 years ago

Totally useless. After creating 2 videos this program breakes down as soon as I like to put a new image.

Medina 2 years ago


fabiozappe 2 years ago

Fácil de usar para quem já está acostumado com edição.

chris38 3 years ago

tested simply by removing a piece of video track from a TS file (h264 + AAC): unable to provide a correct file and very high translation time (more than 2h for original 1.6GB). Then it doesn't uninstall properly despite of the announcement

KiwiSomething8 3 years ago

Not super great. Especially not a fan of the titles. Should be a lot easier to just make a simple title instead of the odd selection of clouds etc.

janvanveen62 3 years ago

Works fine with capturing from DVgrab and v4l-utils

Brandon_Baez_1996 3 years ago

Me gusto este programa, es facil de usar y muy practico, sin embargo algo que no me gusto es que se trabo al crear mi video, sin embargo si me lo creo

callagg2 3 years ago

Was great for me. Would recommend it

Mint-Account 4 years ago

It was a little bit confusing to use in the beginning, as almost all of my little experiences of video editing comes from Virtualdub. This was quite a bit different style of software. But learning curve was pretty short. I can make with it what i want: cut and paste videos, saving into file format & video quality i need.

arti17 4 years ago

why a new version is not included in software manager

MDIntisar 4 years ago

would like the latest version and should have been more stable

ottdb 4 years ago

My favorite video editor. I don't do anything complicated though. This is a good gui based editor for relatively simple video editing. I can't speak to anything complex, but it will let you use multiple tracks and splice videos and add text over video. Stuff like that where ffmpeg would just be too complicated to use

CriSpyDer 4 years ago

One of the best video editor apps.

Philipp 5 years ago

Podia ter mais recursos

Arrowhead 5 years ago

Great vieo editor, but very buggy and prone to crashing.

Elpmas 5 years ago

Tried installing via Software Mgr. Silly me. There was enough there to tell me not to. Next, downloaded the .AppImage from That failed too. Forums indicate missing qt files. Then tried via the PPA using sudo. Got it installed but it failed to launch due to incompatibilities. I'm figuring if u can get it working, it's a great program

lubmint 5 years ago

It works fne. It took a little time to set settings. But it works good.

Caltrop 5 years ago

don not install here, go to web site & get the ppa or app latest version

bucky927 5 years ago

Randomly crashes, but it'll get the job done...eventually.

MMZx 6 years ago

Excellent!! Simple for use, has layers, export for youtube. Maybe even better than some windows sw. You can merge photos, videos and different sounde with overlaping in same project.