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OpenShot Video Editor is a free, open-source, non-linear video editor. It can create and edit videos and movies using many popular video, audio, and image formats. Create videos for YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Metacafe, iPod, Xbox, and many more common formats!

Features include:
* Multiple tracks (layers)
* Compositing, image overlays, and watermarks
* Support for image sequences (rotoscoping)
* Key-frame animation
* Video and audio effects (chroma-key)
* Transitions (lumas and masks)
* 3D animation (titles and physics simulations)
* Chroma key (green screen & blue screen)
* Transcode (convert video encodings)
* Upload videos (YouTube and Vimeo supported)
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arti17 2 months ago

why a new version is not included in software manager

MDIntisar 3 months ago

would like the latest version and should have been more stable

ottdb 4 months ago

My favorite video editor. I don't do anything complicated though. This is a good gui based editor for relatively simple video editing. I can't speak to anything complex, but it will let you use multiple tracks and splice videos and add text over video. Stuff like that where ffmpeg would just be too complicated to use

CriSpyDer 5 months ago

One of the best video editor apps.

Philipp 8 months ago

Podia ter mais recursos

Arrowhead 9 months ago

Great vieo editor, but very buggy and prone to crashing.

Elpmas 10 months ago

Tried installing via Software Mgr. Silly me. There was enough there to tell me not to. Next, downloaded the .AppImage from That failed too. Forums indicate missing qt files. Then tried via the PPA using sudo. Got it installed but it failed to launch due to incompatibilities. I'm figuring if u can get it working, it's a great program

lubmint 10 months ago

It works fne. It took a little time to set settings. But it works good.

Caltrop 1 year ago

don not install here, go to web site & get the ppa or app latest version

bucky927 1 year ago

Randomly crashes, but it'll get the job done...eventually.

MMZx 1 year ago

Excellent!! Simple for use, has layers, export for youtube. Maybe even better than some windows sw. You can merge photos, videos and different sounde with overlaping in same project.

BazyTrue 1 year ago

Simply to use. It reminds me a Windows Movie Maker. But Open Shot I like more.

Dwn77 1 year ago

Simples e facil de trabalhar, cumpre o que promete.

efrain 1 year ago

Muy buen editor de video. Ideal para armar un video de larga duración por partes, probarlas y después integrarlas. La nueva versión es muy estable, ya no da problemas.

angelgs 2 years ago

It does what I need. Cut scenes, transitions, titles, etc. Sometimes it crash without any prior advice, so I recommend to save the project frequently.

kotopes 2 years ago

Много ошибок. Когда делаеш мнго обрезинй и вставок еще больше ошибок и закрвается не сохранив данные. Лучше испотльзовать сони вегас в wine

imperator 2 years ago


Anderson 2 years ago

Horrivel! E olha que instalei a versão mais nova! Os editores de video no Linux são todos complicados e bagunçados!

GumVonSchweetz 2 years ago

Kinda cool video editor but not so comfortable as i expected.

cagdas70 2 years ago

This is old version. Use newest version like me. It is better.