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Geary is an email application built around conversations, for the GNOME 3 desktop. It allows you to read, find and send email with a straightforward, modern interface.
Conversations allow you to read a complete discussion without having to find and click from message to message.
Geary’s features include:
Quick email account setupShows related messages together in conversationsFast, full text and keyword searchFull-featured HTML and plain text message composerDesktop notification of new mailCompatible with GMail, Yahoo! Mail, and other IMAP servers
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nowakowski 4 months ago

The best mail client on Linux. Beautiful. Modern. Minimalist. Well designed. You can really rely on it. It's really useful. There have been serious problems with the flatpak before, but since version 3.36.2, the flatpak works flawlessly.

lonetree 8 months ago

I quite like the simple design of this app, but like @nowakowski mentioned, the application is seriously having some issue, with version 3.34.2 running on linux mint 19 cinnamon. So far I only got it run once, that's when it got installed. After that it just gave me a blank screen and the application just got frozen. [Update] I found a workaround. I went into the "System Monitor" and kill Geary process and re-launch the app and it works. This has to be done everytime I restart the computer. Found another issue after this, I notice that Geary does not support Chinese input.

usimsek 8 months ago

I really like the application except this bug the reviews before me mentioned. I found one thing useful, until this bug is fixed: If you run the application from the console first with flatpak, it works perfectly fine.