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JDownloader is a free download management tool with a huge community of developers that makes downloading as easy and fast as it should be. Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwidth limitations, auto-extract archives and much more. It's an easy-to-extend framework that can save hours of your valuable time every day!

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lapolingo 1 year ago

funktioniert super und hat sehr viele Funktionen

DragoSpiro98 1 year ago

Everything works perfectly, even the linkgrabber works correctly.

Foxblogger 2 years ago

Installed on Mint 20, No problems apart from copying links not automatically pasting in the linkgrabber, probably my browser adblocker, manually pasting is easy

gloom 2 years ago

link grabber is not working anymore on the latest update

a__a 3 years ago

Without a doubt he is the best in this category...!!! ;)

Markel 3 years ago

Installation and launching works great on 19.3. The usage is terrible. By default there is no way to retrieve downloaded files and it requires a complicated method to remedy. To those confused about where their files are, the application uses Flatpak which sandboxes your filesystem. To grant access to a specific folder, right-click the Mint start button and click Configure. Under Menu, open the Menu editor and find JDownloader under the Internet category. Open the Properties and under Command add --filesystem=/media/DownloadDrive to grant access to a specific path. After you've closed the editor, press ALT-F2 and type r and press enter to restart the Menu. JDownloader will now have access to the path you specified.

Matazzoni 4 years ago

ok with 19.3

jil49300 4 years ago

Just forget about this version. You can NOT find your files or directories to save your downloads. After hours lost to search the web about A solution. I did install the version from jdownloader organisation (.org) and now ... it works like a charm. En Français ... Oubliez cette version qui ne fonctionne pas car on a pas accès à l'arborescence de ses disques. Il faut installer l version officielle de jdownload (.org) et là ... magie ... ça fonctionne correctement

Wariokheyn 4 years ago

I've got the same probleme. I cannot download any files because the files are download in a random place and it's not possible to change it... So it could be good but it made the software unusable for me. I'm running Linux Mint Cinnamom 19.2

Ion_ore 4 years ago

Practically unusable. The downloaded files aren't saved in the directory you specify, instead they go into some strange folder under /proc/ and you need to do a search to find the stuff you downloaded. I recommend using the official installer from instead.

HomeWell 5 years ago

Works like a charm. Linux Mint 19.1 64bit

mramra 5 years ago

Me ha funcionado correctamente en mint 19, lo único que he tenido que hacer es cambiar la carpeta Download por Descargas

ijash 5 years ago

not working in linux mint 19

goloka 5 years ago

gestor de descargar muy util y practico