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"INSTALL: Installs with one click! Adds a beautiful, high resolution icon where expected to Menu. USAGE: Launches flawlessly right into the application. By default it stores files to your home directory so it's easy to compartmentalize. UPDATES: It's old. As of March 21, 2020, the most recent version on the website is 6.0.18 but the most recent one in the Mint Shop is 5.2.34 from Oct 15, 2019. The most recent 5.x one is 5.2.38 released on Feb 21, so it's not even the most updated 5.x. DESCRIPTION: The short description is jargony and the full description in the store is even worse. If you don't know what this app does, reading the description won't help you. The icon in the store is beautiful, but the screenshot is with an Ubuntu host so not accurate."
"Installation and launching works great on 19.3. The usage is terrible. By default there is no way to retrieve downloaded files and it requires a complicated method to remedy. To those confused about where their files are, the application uses Flatpak which sandboxes your filesystem. To grant access to a specific folder, right-click the Mint start button and click Configure. Under Menu, open the Menu editor and find JDownloader under the Internet category. Open the Properties and under Command add --filesystem=/media/DownloadDrive to grant access to a specific path. After you've closed the editor, press ALT-F2 and type r and press enter to restart the Menu. JDownloader will now have access to the path you specified."