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Kdenlive is a non linear video editor. It is based on the MLT framework and accepts many audio and video formats, allows you to add effects, transitions and render into the format of your choice.


Intuitive multitrack interface.
Many effects and transitions.
Color scopes
Basic DVD Wizard
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arctech 1 month ago

i would prefer all to use this software... it is awesome

dhiedro 6 months ago

depois de instalar no meu linux mint cinnamon 19.1 tessa, ao abrir o kdenlive logo de cara ele me apresentava uma mensagem de erro, não foi possível salvar os favoritos nesse diretório /home/akira/.var/app/org.kde.kdenlive/data/user-places.xbel, tentei criar o arquivo user-places.xbel e dar permisão a ele e no diretório, mais nada foi possível ao meu nivel de conhecimento, eu também tive que criar a pasta profiles e videi4linux que não existia no diretório /home/akira/.var/app/org.kde.kdenlive/data/kdenlive mais mesmo assim nao resolveu, mesmo depois de fechar a mensagem e tentar usar o programa ele ficava piscando e fechava sozinho, vou testar na versão snap!

Ephata 8 months ago

Éditeur très complet

drewt333 9 months ago

Nice interface. Very unstable. When the 'stable' version is really _stable_ it should be fine. Seemed to work ok for a few eeeks, now any action causes it to freeze.

Yegor 11 months ago

По моему мнению, Kdenlive - один из лучших Open Source видеоредакторов для *nix. Начиная с версии 18.12.x, он стал гораздо более стабильным. По функционалу обгоняет Openshot (Имхо). Из недостатков могу отметить, что пока нет .deb пакета.

Ota1991 1 year ago

full of glitches. i cant reverse audio without the offset changing and the timeline glitching. these are already reported and up to be fixed but untill then, i cant even make my YTPs, so i cant give this a better review

pjsbl 1 year ago

After updating flatpak on my system it worked and now i love it. Actually it needs some other dependencies to have on the system so it needs to update and i did not installed the flatpak update. I don't need to go to websites for latest versions of softwares. Flatpak works smooth. Thanks flatpak. Use this command before installing flatpak command is "flatpak update" use it without quotes ("").

Thushara 1 year ago

Load very fast into desktop and has an easy learning curve. Gives a quality output. I didn't found a bug with destination output folder. All works fine so far. Used kdenlive on Linux mint 19.

Lememe 1 year ago

aucun problème avec cette version (sous mint19 xfce64b) le meilleur de sa catégorie. pensez à sauvegarder le projet fréquement car la stabilité n'est pas parfaite.

akanashiro 1 year ago

Like it but it scrambled the filepath of the video and sound when I opened my project. I could not also insert pictures in a frame (didn't open the file open dialog)

Heyty 1 year ago

The best video editor I tested so far. Has a low learning curve for a former Sony Vegas user. There is some functions I miss from Vegas, but still the best option on linux.

dirkjanl 1 year ago

Good, but with a bug. Installing a Flatpak is easy. I know the program from former versions. Want to test the Flatpak (17.12) on LinuxMint 18.3 Cinnamon. But it has a bug with the destination outputfolder.