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Kdenlive is a non linear video editor. It is based on the MLT framework and accepts many audio and video formats, allows you to add effects, transitions and render into the format of your choice.


  • Intuitive multitrack interface.
  • Many effects and transitions.
  • Color scopes
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Darkcryze13 1 month ago

Al parecer tiene problemas en la previsualización con las tarjetas gráficas Nvidia con los Drivers 535, al actualizar a 545 la mayoría de cosas funcionaron mucho mejor. El principal problema que tenía era al pasar de un clip a otro o dejar mucho tiempo corriendo la previsualización, se congelaba por completo.

JE77 5 months ago

Very Good!

guigude 1 year ago

Simplesmente útil e funcional, alem de ter bastante recurso.

technobyteinfo 2 years ago

Simplesmente perfeito, não deixa em nada a desejar em relação ao Camtasia do Windows (que é pago)... basta um pouco de dedicação para aprender a manusear o programa, que em pouquíssimo tempo estará fazendo edições perfeitas.

MaybeAnonymousDev 2 years ago

Um editor de vídeo muito bom, vou aprender mais sobre esse programa. Eng: Nice video editing software, I'll learn more about it.

cieggi 2 years ago

The best video editor in my opinion. Not because it is super efficient or has tons of features, but it's really balanced. Easy to use and with all the feature a normal uses would need.

coitus 2 years ago

Absolute shitfest. Crashes every 10 minutes.

chiralopposite 3 years ago

I'm impressed. This installed the latest version of Kdenlive from flatpak. Not to mention that flatpak is cool and can share the additional dependencies among other programs that need it, so don't worry about the large filesize. This editor is very intuitive if you are used to working on professional standard applications such as Premiere or Final Cut. I would like to see some of the effects and transitions that are featured in Resolve here though. Mainly the text effects of Resolve are easy to make good videos fast. However, coming from a professional background with computer graphic design I would say that this program does meet the industry standard.

faris554 3 years ago

No support CUDA, support NVENC. but my Gt 940M not support NVENC

Tube 3 years ago

Es funktioniert gut. Nur kann ich unter der Schaltfläche "Clip oder Ordner hinzufügen" nicht auf andere Festplatten oder Partitionen zugreifen. Ich muss das Video vom Nemo Dateimanager in Kdenlive hineinziehen. Sonst ist das Programm echt super. Es schneidet sehr sauber liefert eine gute Bildqualität.

Ch4rl13-b 3 years ago

não estou conseguindo trabalhar com arquivos h.264 e h265, diz que o OpenEncodeSessionEX falhou e que arquivos h.264 NVENC não são suportados.

zeeproduction 4 years ago

Update 200610: after yesterday system updates I reinstalled the flatpack 19.08 an is working again ! OK OK OK! 200605 After a month and 5 similar projects it suddenly and unexpectedly stopped working and refuses to load any of those projects. It loads clips until about 40% when it crashes and disappears. Nothing else. No message, no error, nothing. Unable to understand what is wrong if either the projects or the software or some weird auto update that suddenly rendered useless this program. I need to keep working with what I was doing and I can't load any of the old neither have courage to start a new one if it is to happen the same issue. (Mint Tricia Cinnamon 32 and 64 bits -last one slow) I only see

suenteus 4 years ago

A NLE with an intuitive user-interface that anyone who has used the likes of Adobe Premier or Final Cut 7 will feel right at home with. Good multi-core support and GPU acceleration, and a very cool "proxy-clip" feature that helps do real-time editing with huge video files.. handles pretty much every major video format and resolution I've been able to throw at it. Kdenlive is one of those programs, like Blender, that every once in a while I marvel that this wasn't made by a mainline software company. Definitely support the developers if you are able!

dr04e606 4 years ago

Works great so far on Mint 18.3 32-bit. Of all video editors, I've tried this one has the best preformance by a long shot. Even on a mere LGA775 dual-core with 4GB of RAM, onboard GPU and a SATA SSD, I can comfortably create quite complex edits that would otherwise slow down to a crawl in other NLEs. Final rendering is also pretty fast. The only frustrating thing for me is that you can grab the program window with a left-click not only by its title bar but also anywhere there is a blank space, which can cause unwanted window resizes/movements.

arctech 4 years ago

i would prefer all to use this software... it is awesome

dhiedro 5 years ago

depois de instalar no meu linux mint cinnamon 19.1 tessa, ao abrir o kdenlive logo de cara ele me apresentava uma mensagem de erro, não foi possível salvar os favoritos nesse diretório /home/akira/.var/app/org.kde.kdenlive/data/user-places.xbel, tentei criar o arquivo user-places.xbel e dar permisão a ele e no diretório, mais nada foi possível ao meu nivel de conhecimento, eu também tive que criar a pasta profiles e videi4linux que não existia no diretório /home/akira/.var/app/org.kde.kdenlive/data/kdenlive mais mesmo assim nao resolveu, mesmo depois de fechar a mensagem e tentar usar o programa ele ficava piscando e fechava sozinho, vou testar na versão snap!

Ephata 5 years ago

Éditeur très complet

drewt333 5 years ago

Nice interface. Very unstable. When the 'stable' version is really _stable_ it should be fine. Seemed to work ok for a few eeeks, now any action causes it to freeze.

Yegor 5 years ago

По моему мнению, Kdenlive - один из лучших Open Source видеоредакторов для *nix. Начиная с версии 18.12.x, он стал гораздо более стабильным. По функционалу обгоняет Openshot (Имхо). Из недостатков могу отметить, что пока нет .deb пакета.

Ota1991 5 years ago

full of glitches. i cant reverse audio without the offset changing and the timeline glitching. these are already reported and up to be fixed but untill then, i cant even make my YTPs, so i cant give this a better review