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PhotoQt is a fast and simple, good looking, yet powerfull and highly configureable image viewer.
It provides an uncluttered interface and can be extensively tweaked to fit your needs perfectly. It is possible to set key or mouse shortcuts for almost any one of the features, plus for any external script/command you want to run.
The many features provided include: thumbnails, slideshow, zooming, rotating, flipping, displaying metadata (selection of Exif and IPTC), set-as-wallpaper, simple file management, scaling, face tags (XMP metadata), integration with many image libraries for wide support of image formats, and a lot more...
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jepe 1 year ago

wow!!! I've been checking photo applications for hours, not to mention doing this every now and then, again and again,
but PhotoQt was at the very-very first second a total hit!!!

I don't mean the amazing surface, I was expecting cool & modern, you know, Qt, BUT the intelligence with which it addresses the user, introducing right away the short cut keys...
is amazing...

within 2 minutes I was already using it as if for years...
love it, and GREATLY appreciate it, as it is! :)
this is not exactly what I was looking and hoping for, but something even better!

totally RECOMMEND it! :)