game about the passage through life
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Passage is a short, autobiographical pixelated art game by Jason Rohrer. It can be explored in approximately 5 minutes. Passage is meant to be memento mori game. If you enjoy the game, you may want to try the followup, "Gravitation". If you do not, please read the game creators statement on the website and the experiences of other people linked from the website.
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mentok 4 years ago

The graphics are terrible; they actually hurt the eyes. As for listing this as a "game" --no. Change it to "code barf" if it is going to be classified in any way.

pon8 9 years ago

beautiful 'game'. really enjoyed it. thank you for making it.

Iceblade02 9 years ago

what, i dont understand the meaning of the game.

quake0 9 years ago


Mintification 10 years ago

Passage explores the journey of life from a purely naturalistic perspective; that which the character's life on earth is all he is living for. Throughout the game, you have the opportunity to collect treasure chests; but all the while, your character is aging. Slowly but surely, he will reach the end of his life, and no matter how much treasure you have collected, as the author says, "your score looks pretty meaningless hovering there above your little tombstone." What I got from playing this game is that life is pretty meaningless if this life is all there is.