Slideshow creator with Ken Burns effect
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This creates movies out of your pictures in just three steps. First select your photos, customize the motion path and render the video. There are several output possibilities for VCD, SVCD, DVD up to FULL-HD and even 4k.

The effect of the slideshow is known as "Ken Burns". Comments of the pictures are generated into a subtitle file. Furthermore audio files can be specified to setup the background music for the slide show.
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LogoX 2 years ago

Solid and stable, easy to use.

jetseen 4 years ago

was able to make the slide show --- simple enough -- I did not give it a change.. thinking that there would be no sound even though I had designated the sound file and to fit the slide show to the sound-files length. suprised when it did everything correctly. Once I set the sound there was no more mention of the sound going on.. but it was there in the end. thanks for making this easy.

Sacha1969 7 years ago

This is a potentially very good programme, but needs a lot of development. V. 2.0.0 lacks a timeline which would make it easier to sync audio files. There is no Undo option and neither is there a Save As function, meaning that if you make modifications after rendering and then render again, it will automatically overwrite the original, unless you rename the file. Also takes a long time to render, even with small JPG files. Needs a lot of work, but should be good one day.

fotonix 9 years ago

Easy to use and tweak, has proved itself for several projects.

shamal 10 years ago

Just a bit limited, but allows to do wonderful slideshows in an easy way

essemme 10 years ago

Facile, semplice e veloce, se fosse un po' piĆ¹ personalizzabile sarebbe perfetto