front-end for Wine
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PlayOnLinux is a front-end for wine. It permits you to easily install Windows Games and software on Linux. It is advised to have a functional internet connection.
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r8d8 5 months ago

works woderful with foobar2000 :-)

Kim_Anderzzon 8 months ago

This is outdated. Winetricks (DOWNLOADED FROM GITHUB, NOT SOFTWARE MANAGER) works better.

azrael4h 9 months ago

After more than a decade of using Linux, and nearly that just in Mint, not once has PlayOnLinux worked with ANY software I've tried to install through it. It's malware, not a legitimate program. Beware!

chikaodili 1 year ago

o nyerem ihe m choro mgbem tinyere ya nah system mu. Dalu nu maka ngwa oru a unu ruputara

toomyg155 1 year ago

Works good for me I got games, Windows Emulaters and Microsoft Office to work using this.

cezarnavruc 1 year ago

Radmin client working fine with it

altaf_attari 2 years ago

never worked on linux mint 22.03 tried several apps all failed

PROSTO 2 years ago

поставил MS OFFICE 2016 - работает глючно. Поставил PHOTOSHOP - тоже глючит. Т.е. все что пытался ставить - все ставится через кучу затыков и работает криво. Это не серьёзно....

TodPact1904 2 years ago

Хорошая оболочка. С помощью ей легче устанавливать Windows-программы, больше настроек для Wine, понятный и простой интерфейс и т.д.

onessa 3 years ago

Love this wine front end works great even on latest Mint linux cinnamon 20.x

JPS99 3 years ago

So far it's awesome. I use it for my Treepad Business edtion which I've used in Windows for 20 years now. Tried it in play on linux a few years ago and it was not great, popups kept getting hidden. Now it works GREAT on Mint 20.1 Cinnamon 64bit.

pepek454 3 years ago

I love!

alvaro 3 years ago

The best! Thank you so much for helping

BenjaminL 3 years ago

Works fine ! Love it

Borntzal 3 years ago

Works very well! :)

Ysarda 4 years ago

It doen't work on Mint 19.3 and ask for an update even it's the last version.

n0body_special 4 years ago

outdated. Error message: version 4.2 is too old to run, install version 4.3.4 instead or something like that. Version 4.3.4 from website gives warning that it cant find OpenGL drivers, then that it needs packet xterm, and when you install it, it crashes with error message Error in POL_Wine Wine seems to have crashed. 8 tons of bugs

pista404 4 years ago

Very usefull app. I rate 4 star because there are some useless windows app to choose from

RomanHG 4 years ago

Great. Sometimes things are too hard to make them run in Wine and this app sorts out almost any software.

Hoerli 4 years ago

Es Funktioniert, aber Idiotensicher installieren kann man damit leider noch nicht viel. Oft muss man lange im Internet nach den perfekten Paramtetern suchen, damit die Windoof-Anwendung damit laufen.