distractionless fullscreen text editor
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PyRoom is a free editor that stays out your way - and keeps other things out of your way, too. As a fullscreen editor without buttons, widgets, formatting options, menus and with only the minimum of required dialog windows, it doesn't have any distractions and lets you focus on writing and only writing.
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daxx 7 years ago

Greatly helps writing by keeping other stuff away from sight.

topper 8 years ago

Prefiero FocusWriter.

RytronII 8 years ago

Ideal for getting things done.

gadris 9 years ago


fjrg76 9 years ago

Wow !!! It does what it promises. One can't stop writing !!!

devel 10 years ago

The best of it's class. I used a similar program last year, but like someone else here mentioned... this one has customized themes! Thank u dev

newpaul 11 years ago

I just love it. Of all the dark & distraction-free writing tools, PyRoom is the one with the simplest preferences interface and the smallest collection of shortcuts, and that is very good. (The only thing I miss a little is the ESC=minimize feature usual in this class of word processors.) You either write in the default green on black, or choose between the few themes (varying font & background colors) or else configure the "custom" theme. There's autosave. Simple text output. You do the typing.

chassum 11 years ago

If a blank sheet of paper is your worst enemy, then pyroom is your best friend!

drackmere 11 years ago

Cross platform applications are very important to me. Pyroom doest the exact same thing as Writeroom on OS X does. Distraction free, simple, and elegant. Great program for just getting down and writing.

RavS 11 years ago

Started using this some time before. Now can't live without it! If u are a writer, this is a must try!

maxmir 12 years ago

Love pyroom when I just want to get things down on paper - er, screen - without distraction, which let's face it is what it says it'll do.

danstinebaugh 12 years ago

Love this app! Similar to Q10 by bara on windows brought over to linux and made better! God I love opensource, and PyRoom is a great example of why!

brainiac 12 years ago

Excellent. Great for productivity for writers.

zalesthebard 12 years ago

perfect to avoid distraction

changke 13 years ago

the best under linux

Sokkratez 13 years ago

Pyroom is the best (free) distraction-free text editor I've used on either Linux or Windows (though Q10 comes close on Windows). It has the basic features that I want (font options, auto-save, auto-indent), but the flexible theme editor is what sets Pyroom apart for me.