ALSA mixer for the desktop
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QasTools is a collection of desktop applications for the Linux sound system ALSA.

The applications included are:
- QasConfig - browser for the ALSA configuration tree
- QasHctl - mixer for ALSA's High level Control Interface
- QasMixer - desktop mixer with features similar to alsamixer
QasMixer is a desktop mixer application for ALSA's "Simple Mixer Interface" and offers features similar to alsamixer. It also features a system tray icon with basic mixer functionality.
Latest reviews
Jazzie-cool 2 years ago

Very great program!

Blasfemis 2 years ago

Not many utilities allow the easy valume control of individual speakers for 5.1 sound.

roman_neverov 4 years ago

I cant use my Asus Xonar DG without this program (for switching rear out and front panel)! True salvation!

esijmjg 7 years ago

Great, alsamixer in graphical mode.selecione graficamente 5.1 canais no Linux com ele. Melhor