QEMU Full virtualization on x86 hardware
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QEMU is a fast processor emulator. This package provides just a wrapper script /usr/bin/kvm which run qemu-system-x86 in kvm mode for backwards compatibility.
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EndEmpire 2 weeks ago

In case anyone is confused, this is command line based and won't show up when you search through your apps. If you want a GUI, you need to install some other software that provides one.

n0body_special 4 months ago

I installed it, or so the software manager says. Guess qemu got lost somewhere on the way

EdmundF 5 months ago

Brilliant, installed and nowhere to be found! Now what?

_Mint_Condition_ 1 year ago

Works great and it's open source (unlike VirtualBox and other virtual machines). Qemu-KVM is a great privacy and security choice.

powerhouse 4 years ago

Powerful virtualisation solution, especially when used with VGA passthrough; unfortunately the documentation is a mess. Good alternative to Xen, except lack of proper management tools. 2.5 years later the documentation is still a mess! qemu 2.11 got many more features, but many are undocumented. Even the included file:///usr/share/doc/qemu-system-common/qemu-doc.html file is full of outdated info. Remember, undocumented feature = bug.

misko_2083 8 years ago

It's ok but needs work on 3D to catch up with Wmware and VirtualBox

ulrich3110 9 years ago

Not bad, the virtaulization with VirtualBox is better, 3D support.

nagalman 9 years ago

Best virtualization software for Linux period. Much better than VirtualBox

patrick 11 years ago

best debug tool for linux kernel