Go client and full featured SGF editor
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QGo is a computerized board on which you can play the game of Go against another player, view and edit smart-go files, and connect to Go servers on the internet. It can also interface with computer Go programs such as GNU Go that speak the Go modem protocol. Have a look at the cgoban package if you are interested in a Go client with less package dependencies.

See description of the gnugo package for a short description of the game.
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lib2know 8 years ago

playing is right good, but the main window lacks of a proper menu, help and using concept

taro 10 years ago

Хорошо сделано. Единственное, что напрягает - виснет при подключении к серверу по wi-fi. Спасибо, надеюсь не забросите - вы единственные.

farnaby 12 years ago

A decent virtual goban.