International dictionary written using Qt
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QStarDict is a modern international dictionary written using Qt.

Main features include: * Full support of StarDict dictionaries * Fuzzy search * Support for hyper links in translations * Working from the system tray * Scanning mouse selection and showing pop-up windows with translation of selected words * Translations reformatting * Pronouncing of the translated words * Plugins support
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n0body_special 1 year ago

no. This is not how software is made. It gave me a panic attack

Pakha 3 years ago

I can't save all words with translation in one txt file, it save each word in to own file. In LM 19.3. Later I used StarDict there all works good.

humanpride 6 years ago

absolutely no instruction of any kind, about where to find dictionaries and what to do with them. I have found them, but installing them involves searching the web over a ton of dead links...

Vupocy 9 years ago

I can not use it. Too complicated for me to get the dictionnaries files.

MintForEver 11 years ago


blueXrider 12 years ago

quite nice