RSS/Atom news feeds reader
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QuiteRSS is "fast and comfortable to user" cross-platform RSS/Atom news feeds reader written on Qt/C++.
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zack 7 months ago

A little complicated with a lot of parameters, but it works well, I use it as a backup as a 2nd feed reader, in double with liferea, it allows me to read the feeds if there is an error in liferea, (I do not open the links in quiterss but in the firefox browser). (After there is a defect, I have a lot of difficulty to reduce the photo which is included in the article, it is enormous!)

caltrop4 7 months ago

does NOT follow system thems - ALL WHITE! can not see anything!

eugenevdm 1 year ago

QuiteRSS is probably the best software for the Linux Desktop that I have seen. It's so beautifully integrated and allows one to keep 100% on top of your favourite news feeds. I particularly love the way it notifies in the tray, it's built-in browser, and it's

openletter 1 year ago

Needs a flatpak version or version using same version of QT as Mint, otherwise disable JavaScript or crashing problems.

ardor 1 year ago

I have used this for a while but have recently faced repeated crashes, particularly when I want to copy and paste RSS feeds that contain objects like embedded videos. I use Linux Mint 20.1.

marcegarba 4 years ago

Very good!

EvilAlien666 5 years ago

Simple and efficient. Nice software.

kchimz 5 years ago

Perfect for my use and lightweight. Its simple .Great Job

copecu 7 years ago

El Mejor que he probado en linux. Hay versión más reciente via PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:quiterss/quiterss

voinmi 7 years ago

Легко и просто.

poncho911 8 years ago

Отличная читалка RSS-лент! Не заброшена!

Chru 8 years ago

Great but could be updated

snicolas68 8 years ago

Everything embedded and integrates well into cinnamon, I don't lose anymore time for selecting information that is interesting myself and the integrated web browser feature is working perfectly.

RytronII 9 years ago

This has just replaced Liferea as my #1 RSS reader.