Audio library manager and player for GTK3
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Quod Libet is a music management program. It provides several different ways to view your audio library, as well as support for Internet radio and audio feeds. It has extremely flexible metadata tag editing and searching capabilities, using the same interface as Ex Falso.

Supported formats include MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack (MPC), WavPack, and MOD/XM/IT.
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Eugo 1 year ago

True, it opens instantly, even with my huge playlist. It does resume play from where it left off, and I can sort the playlist as I like (though not by filename or path, too bad), but then why does it return to the order-of-adding not just when reloading, but when just switching to another playlist and coming back? Nuisance. The time position slider is invisible unless you know where to click, and it's slick enough to move the play position... but click anywhere else and it closes. Also, no configurable keys (global, that is), so I can't start/stop music if I'm doing something else. That's all forgivable, but just now I was looking for a few things to pack to a thumb drive, and applied this filter, that filter... and eventually my 20000 titles long playlist is now reduced to the result of one of the filters. It takes a considerable time to build a playlist, and now that time is lost, just so. Everything else I may grumble and forgive, but not this.

awaz 2 years ago

simple cool

Noel224 3 years ago

Highly configurable interface. Took me awhile to figure it out, right clicking on the toolbar , you can change the text displayed on the playing song. Also, can change the column designation, i.e. People to artist. It doesn't integrate with the sound properties launch player, but that's ok. I like the graphical look rather than the text look of Rhythmbox and others.

4ndy 3 years ago

The GUI is awful, making it needlessly difficult to simply build a playlist - with no smart playlist function, and since the browser view only shows individual contributors, not album artists, seemingly the only way to add by album artists is to use the file system view, where you can't even drag a whole artist folder in but need to open all sub-folders, select them and then right-click and add to an existing playlist. There isn't even a stop button! Unless you set stop-after-current-track and play a track to the end, QL always opens where it left off in the last-played track. Yes it opens quickly with my large library, but then so does a file browser, which is perhaps less awkard than this GUI! I tried this with v3.5.3 as offered on LM18.3, then installed v4.2 from a PPA and that still does not seem to have solved this problem. Exaile is working far better for my use case, creating smart playlists to play me fresh content.

avma 3 years ago

Nicely handles large music collections...

keepitsimple 3 years ago

Great player/organizer even for bigger file collections - even a decent tag-editor is included. A newer version is available as flatpak ;)

shelleyfrank 4 years ago

This is a great music player for Gnu/Linux. My love-hate relationships with Banshee and Jukebox and Nightingale have been resolved. Good bye for now, and hello to this beauty.

carcinogen 4 years ago

Simply the best music player and organiser out there

krdskrm 5 years ago

Neat and fast music player.

Anaemic 5 years ago

Amazing music player. Lets you tag with Ex Falso and has good plugins. Quod Libet is latin for "Whatever you please"

mani-b 6 years ago

Der beste Musikmanager, besser als manch andere...spielt viele Formate, Coveranzeige funktioniert ohne Probleme und und und....

kakha_k 7 years ago

Just started for the furst time. But can't find DLNA client item in the menu. Has This player it?

Baldwin 8 years ago

Highly configurable, lightweight, and handles large music collections with no problems.

DanJ 8 years ago

Excellent at managing a large music library. Integrates well with Cinnamon and Xfce. Good plugins and great tag editor.

zivedo 9 years ago

Mein Lieblings Audiomanager. Klein, schnell, übersichtlich, komfortabel und nicht so überladen wie manch andere Programme. Spielt alle wichtigen Audioformate wie MP3, Ogg, Flac u.s.w., beherrscht Streaming und viele andere nützliche Sachen. Für mich ist Quod Libet mit dem mitgelieferten Tagger ExFalso absolute Pflicht.

mlsmith 9 years ago

By far my favorite music player. I'm actually not sure why this isn't rated higher because it's amazing.

amnesix 9 years ago

Great Program. It just breathes through my 1400+ albums collection. It features a great "random album" plugin. And great support by the developpers.

draxil 10 years ago

Flexible, powerful, greppable! The one to choose if you want to manage a large collection.

KazuSpara 10 years ago

The best music player ever.

philrieberer 10 years ago