Simple cross platform GUI for rclone
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This is a GUI for rclone, which is a program to sync files and directories between the local file system and a variety of commercial cloud storage providers.
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theturgidone 7 months ago

Syncing cloud storage to local storage is imperfect. Whereas tools such as SyncBack (Win), FreeFileTransfer (Win, Lin, Mac) and Google Drive Desktop (Win, Mac) understand the need to keep remote and local directories and files in sync, rclone and its related browser can only do one-directional sync at a time. Fine, so create two jobs - one downstream, one upstream - so works fine? No: if a new file appears on the destination (the local store on a downstream job), awaiting an upstream sync, but the user does a downstream sync instead, the new files on the destination are deleted. Too much for the average user to think about, too complex, too risky, just plain unnecessary. This review came about by auditing the output of dry-run jobs like a hawk. The business case for testing rclone and its browser was the impending switch off by Google of API access to grive2 later in 2022.

beitme 1 year ago

Easy way to work with cloud storages. I prefer though automounting via systemd and working with the remotes via Nemo.

Blasfemis 1 year ago

Works very nicely to easily manage my Microsoft 365 subscription with a GUI.

nichot20 1 year ago

Very useful GUI for rclone, only criticism I have is that when editing tasks you cannot change the endpoints. However setting up tasks/one off jobs is doddle and the "dry-run" option enables quick checking that you have go the parameters right